“Someone is Getting Fired” Ex-Trump Lawyer Claims After Humiliating Incident

by Jessica

Shortly after former President Donald Trump hastily exited the stage at the Washington Hilton on Saturday evening, May 25, where was addressing members of the Libertarian Party, another blow to his pride quickly followed.

One of the attorneys who spearheaded his controversial claims that the 2020 election was stolen, Jenna Ellis, added to his embarrassment.

In an effort to garner more support for his third presidential campaign, Trump had accepted an invitation to speak at the Libertarian Party convention, despite being cautioned that his reception might be less than welcoming.

These warnings proved accurate as the crowd jeered and booed him throughout his speech, which abruptly concluded after a tumultuous 34 minutes.

David Smith of the Guardian described the incident as a “rare humiliation” for the former president. Following the event, Jenna Ellis took to social media platform X to further criticize Trump.

“This is what happens when he talks to regular voters who want accountability for government lockdowns and the covid vax, not MAGA groupies who travel to the Bronx for rallies,” she wrote.

Ellis’s comments reflect the sentiment that Trump’s usual base, who often attend his rallies with fervor, are not representative of the broader electorate.

She emphasizes that the Libertarian audience sought serious discussions about government actions and policies, rather than the partisan rhetoric they felt Trump offered.

Ellis didn’t stop at criticizing Trump’s performance. She also foresaw repercussions within his team, predicting that someone close to him would face consequences for the mishap.

“Some Trump advisor is totally getting fired tomorrow. And then rehired probably by June,” she quipped. The episode at the Washington Hilton highlighted the challenges Trump faces in broadening his appeal beyond his core supporters.

His decision to address the Libertarian Party was a strategic move to attract a wider base, but it backfired spectacularly. The hostile reception underscored the difficulties he might encounter in convincing voters outside of his traditional following.

For Trump, the night was a stark reminder that winning over diverse voter groups requires more than his usual campaign tactics. The Libertarians, known for their distinct political views and demand for accountability, proved to be a tough crowd, unwilling to accept rhetoric without substance.

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