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Trump lashes out at the “psycho judge” during the “racist” trial

by Jessica

In a recent post on his Truth Social platform, Donald Trump vehemently decried what he characterizes as a rigged trial against him orchestrated by a corrupt New York State Attorney General and an allegedly out-of-control judge.

Trump claimed that these legal proceedings have unfairly devalued his assets, such as Mar-a-Lago, to a fraction of their actual worth, all while labeling him a fraud.

In Trump’s view, the individuals involved in this legal process are the real fraudsters, and he painted a broader picture of systemic corruption within the entire legal system.

One of Trump’s primary contentions is that he did not include one of his most valuable assets, his brand value, in his financial statements.

Moreover, he accused the judge overseeing the trial of being uncooperative and refusing to acknowledge a crucial disclaimer clause on the first page of his statements, which emphasizes the need for individuals to conduct their own due diligence.

Trump argued that, despite providing evidence of his innocence through various means and on multiple occasions, the judge—whom he labeled as politically biased and anti-Trump—along with a purportedly angry law clerk with alleged illegal campaign contributions, is predisposed to finding him guilty.

Trump expressed frustration at the absence of a jury in this legal proceeding, citing a statute that he claimed has never been used for such a purpose before.

He characterized the trial as rigged, pointing to what he deemed a racist and corrupt Attorney General, insinuating that his legal troubles are an extension of election interference.

This latest social media post underscores Trump’s ongoing battle against legal challenges and his persistent narrative that he is a victim of a biased and unjust legal system.

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