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DUE YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE: In a civil fraud trial, Trump lashes out at a “psycho judge” and a “seething” legal clerk

by Jessica

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump unleashed a tirade on his Truth Social platform, expressing vehement opposition to the court proceedings in his civil fraud trial in New York.

Trump accused the New York State Attorney General and the presiding judge of orchestrating a “Rigged Trial” against him.

In his scathing post, Trump alleged that the trial distorted the values of his assets, including Mar-a-Lago, branding the legal proceedings as a sham conducted by “FRAUDSTERS” within a corrupt system.

He argued that his brand value, a significant asset, was omitted from his financial statements. Trump also claimed that the judge, whom he labeled a “Trump Hating Judge,” refused to recognize a disclaimer clause on his statements.

The former president criticized the judicial process, asserting that despite presenting evidence of his innocence, the judge, accompanied by a purportedly biased law clerk, would find him guilty.

Trump decried the absence of a jury, citing it as a departure from established norms and characterizing the trial as “A RIGGED TRIAL, A RACIST & CORRUPT ATTORNEY GENERAL, A TRUMP HATING JUDGE, ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

It’s noteworthy that Trump has been subject to a gag order preventing him from targeting court staff, with two fines imposed for violating this order. However, the gag order is presently under review by a higher state court.

Attorney General Letitia James seeks significant fines and the dissolution of the Trump Organization, alleging systematic deception by Trump and his sons regarding property values.

Despite the fraud aspect being ruled in favor of James by Judge Arthur Engoron, the trial now pivots on the determination of damages. Trump’s impassioned social media outburst adds a layer of drama to the legal battle that has been marked by tension and confrontations.

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