Trump Lashes Out in All-Caps Rant After Fraud Ruling: “I AM WORTH MUCH MORE THAN THE NUMBERS SHOWN”

by Jessica

In a recent development, New York Judge Arthur Engoron has ruled against Donald Trump and his adult sons, holding them liable for fraud and revoking the Trump Organization’s business certification.

This decision has raised concerns about Trump’s claimed net worth, as the Trump Organization was found to have overstated property values to obtain favorable contracts and loans.

Trump reacted strongly to the ruling, expressing his displeasure in a lengthy all-caps rant on Truth Social. He emphasized that his brand, which he considers his most valuable asset, was not properly assessed in the ruling.

Trump also asserted that banks had been repaid in full, with no defaults, and they had made money, negating any claims of victimization.

Furthermore, Trump highlighted a disclaimer clause on the financial statements that he believes absolves him of any wrongdoing.

He insisted that his true worth far exceeded what was indicated in the financial statements, and he pointed out that the Trump Organization had substantial cash reserves and minimal debt.

This legal setback comes just ahead of the civil case against Trump brought by the New York District Attorney’s office, scheduled to begin on October 2.

Judge Engoron found Trump and his sons liable for persistent violations and concluded that decades of submitted financial statements were false.

Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $250 million in damages, a ban on the Trump family from serving as officers in New York-based businesses, and a five-year prohibition on the Trump Organization’s business activities.

The judge’s ruling also led to the cancellation of business certificates for several Trump properties, with a third party set to oversee their dissolution. The implications for Mar-A-Lago and potential asset transfers remain unclear.

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