Marvel Star Reveals Donald Trump Killing Threat

by Jessica

According to The Hill, actor Mark Ruffalo expressed strong criticism of former President Trump in response to a recent opinion audio piece by The New York Times.

The Times published an Opinion Shorts audio clip titled “Now Is the Time to Pay Attention to Trump’s Violent Language,” in which editor Alex Kingsbury argued that Trump’s rhetoric, particularly his violent language, has been escalating.

Kingsbury emphasized that it is a significant issue for American democracy if voters and Republican politicians overlook or become desensitized to Trump’s rhetoric.

He pointed to Trump’s recent comments, such as suggesting that shoplifters should be shot and encouraging his followers to “go after” the New York attorney general overseeing his civil case.

In response to Kingsbury’s analysis, Mark Ruffalo, a vocal critic of Trump, posted his reaction on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Ruffalo expressed relief that the media was starting to pay attention and commented on Trump’s calls for harm and violence within the country.

He referred to Trump as a “Presidential contender” and accused him of advocating harm and violence against fellow Americans, ultimately labeling him an “enemy of America from within.”

Ruffalo’s comments reflect his ongoing criticism of Trump and his strong stance against the former president’s rhetoric and actions.

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