UH-OH: Trump Just Admitted He’s GUILTY of Falsifying Records to Cover Up His Hush Money Payments

by Jessica

The trial in Manhattan where Donald Trump is charged with falsifying business records and campaign finance fraud (sometimes known as the “Hush Money” case) is nearly over. Last week attorneys for both the prosecution and the defense rested their cases. Trump himself chose not to testify, despite having promised to do so on several occasions.

Trump may have thought that his testimony wasn’t necessary because his hallway harangues outside the court were sufficient to clear him of any charges. Of course, those tantrums were never entered into the record as evidence, were littered with lies, and were not heard by the jury. They were merely cathartic and delusional distortions of reality intended to soothe Trump’s ego and assuage his seething fears.

On Friday Trump demonstrated why the decision to stay off of the witness stand was the right one. In a frantic series of posts on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, Trump lashed out at trial judge Juan Merchan, prosecutor Alvin Bragg, and the American system of justice as a whole. And included in his tirade was a comment that is tantamount to a confession…

“The bookkeeping error that I am being incorrectly and unconstitutionally prosecuted for is the fact that a bookkeeper, innocently and correctly, called a ‘Legal Expense’ paid to a lawyer, a ‘Legal Expense.’ IN EVEN SIMPLER WORDS, I CALLED A LEGAL EXPENSE, A LEGAL EXPENSE. WHAT THE HELL ELSE WOULD YOU CALL IT? A BIDEN INSPIRED ELECTION INTERFERENCE HOAX!!!”

First of all, there is nothing unconstitutional about the 34 felony charges brought against Trump in this case. And secondly, Trump can’t seem to make up his mind as to whether what he first calls a “bookkeeping error” is in fact an error or was “innocently and correctly” recorded.

More to the point, Trump and attorneys argued adamantly in court that he couldn’t be held responsible for falsifying his business records because he didn’t know anything about it. He tried to blame it all on his accounting staff, despite the fact that he has previously bragged that he is a strict manager of his business affairs to the minutest details.

However, in the comment above Trump confesses in all caps that “I CALLED A LEGAL EXPENSE, A LEGAL EXPENSE.” So it wasn’t his accountants after all. It was he who deliberately mislabeled the campaign expenditures in order to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels. This is such an egregious gaffe that Trump himself sought to walk it back half an hour later in another post wherein he claimed the opposite, saying that…

So which is it, Donnie? Did Trump make the erroneous bookkeeping claim himself as he said above? Or was it a nameless clerk gone rogue? For the record, evidence produced in court found that it was Trump’s CFO, Allen Weisselberg, at Trump’s direction. Weisselberg pleaded guilty to perjury, twice, related to these matters, and is currently in prison.

Just imagine how prosecutors would have handled these questions if Trump had taken the oath and sat in the witness chair. He would have fumbled his way through various contradictory assertions that would have sealed his legal fate. He knew that and, sensibly (for a change), chose to break his promise to testify. That’s his right, and the jury will be instructed not to hold it against him.

However, jurors can, and will, consider that there was no testimony refuting the evidence that Trump had a primary role in falsifying his records. Trump was the only one who could counter the testimony given by his lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen, and others. And Trump, as usual, chickened out. So while such cowardice is not a legal finding, it is a human one. And jurors are human.

“…a bookkeeper, with zero influence from or discussion with me, correctly called the payment of a Legal Expense to a lawyer – a Legal Expense.”

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