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“Something’s Up” Morning Joe and Mika Discuss Donald Trump Jr’s Behavior Amid Civil Fraud Trial

by Jessica

Trump family saga takes an intriguing turn as Donald Trump’s adult sons, Eric and Donald Jr., prepare to testify in the high-stakes $250 million civil fraud trial.

As reported by Raw Stoy on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, dynamic duo, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, couldn’t hide their concerns about Donald Trump Jr.’s erratic behavior, and it’s making headlines.

In their roles as executive vice presidents for the Trump Organization, both Trump brothers have a lot at stake in this legal battle.

Still, it’s Donald Jr.’s unpredictable conduct, particularly in the online sphere, that has everyone talking.

“I don’t know if I’d want to lead with him,” quipped Scarborough, setting the tone for their candid discussion.

Brzezinski chimed in, “Eric Trump will take the stand tomorrow, Ivanka Trump and former President Trump will testify next week.”

“But I haven’t seen him in a while,” Scarborough confessed, referring to Donald Jr. “Junior, not a whole lot.”

“He does like stuff on Insta,” Brzezinski added, alluding to his video diatribes on Instagram. Scarborough countered, “He doesn’t do that much anymore.”


“It’s not good when he does it,” Brzezinski remarked. “Something’s up.” Scarborough agreed, “Something is up.”

“He doesn’t feel good or something,” Brzezinski pondered. Scarborough ventured, “He is excited.” “No, there’s like a hyperactivity or something,” Brzezinski said, hinting at an underlying issue.

Willie Geist, another co-host, chimed in with an observation, “He’s up here. “Brzezinski, not one to shy away from the teleprompter, added, “Anywho.”

“I’m sorry to bring that up,” Scarborough acknowledged. “I follow – I kind of watch,” Brzezinski confessed. “I can’t help it.”

The turmoil doesn’t end with the Trump children. Even the former president himself remains embroiled in the case, as he continues to vent his grievances online.

Brzezinski pointed to a Truth Social post where he called out New York Attorney General Letitia James and posted her picture in court, a move that has raised eyebrows.

Now, a limited gag order is in place for the case, but it surprisingly does not cover speaking about the attorney general or the judge.

It’s an unexpected and, some might say, immature twist in a trial that has already captured the nation’s attention.

As the Trump family faces this legal challenge, it’s not just the courtroom drama that’s drawing eyes—

It’s the peculiar behavior and social media outbursts of Donald Trump Jr. that have “Morning Joe” and Mika Brzezinski speculating about what’s really going on behind the scenes Whether it’s a symptom of stress, anticipation, or a deeper issue, one thing is clear: “Something is up.”


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