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Trump Jr wants you to buy mugshot merch from him as he’s sick of grifters

by Jessica

Donald Trump Jr. has encouraged people to purchase merchandise featuring his father’s mugshot directly from him, rather than from individuals who are solely “lining their own pockets.”

Speaking on his Triggered podcast, Trump Jr. expressed his preference for the funds to contribute to his efforts for “the cause,” rather than benefiting those who aren’t directing the proceeds towards the Trump campaign or its objectives.

While Trump Jr. acknowledged that others have profited from MAGA merchandise, he drew a distinction by emphasizing that their earnings aren’t channeled into supporting his father’s campaign or the broader cause.

Although he admitted feeling uncomfortable about profiting from his father’s arrest, he underscored the importance of expressing solidarity with his father. He committed to donating “all the profits” from the merchandise to his father’s legal defense fund, aimed at countering injustices and the prevailing chaos.

Trump Jr.’s website offers a range of mugshot-themed items, including t-shirts, mugs, koozies, posters, stickers, and hoodies, all featuring the well-known photo. He acknowledged the inherent nature of capitalism, recognizing that he can’t prevent others from selling similar merchandise.

However, he indicated that purchasing through his platform would be a meaningful choice for those interested. MediasTouch editor Ron Filipkowski shared a video capturing Trump Jr.’s rationale for selling the merchandise.

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