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Trump Jr. Reveals ‘Sick’ Video Of Hillary Clinton

by Jessica

Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and posted a video clip of Hillary Clinton and wrote in the caption:

“This woman is truly sick. The problem is what she’s saying is in line with the vast majority of Democrat party leaders today.

When we call them, Marxists everyone must understand that that is not hyperbole and hasn’t been for quite some time”

Former President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. recently slammed  the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday and warned Democrats that a vote for President Joe Biden in 2024 would be a vote “to send your friends” to a “reeducation camp.”

Reacting to Clinton’s call on Thursday for a “formal deprogramming” of Trump supporters, whom she described as “cult members,” Trump Jr. told Newsmax host Eric Bolling:

She just can’t help herself. But what should be really scary, I think to everyone, Eric, is that she’s saying the parts that the Democrats want to keep under wraps out loud. They want to send you for deprogramming, you know?

Sounds a little bit like reeducation. I don’t know in history where that’s worked out well, you know, whether it was Mao, whether it was Pol Pot. I mean, these are dictatorial concepts. These come from totalitarian type governments that have killed millions and millions of people the world over. This is now the mainstay language within the Democrat party. If you vote for Democrats in 2024, you are literally voting to send your friends, maybe your conservative uncle to the reeducation camps in time. They’re not pretending.

He warned, “If you don’t go lockstep with every radical, insane, ridiculous idea that they put forward on a daily basis, you’re going to reeducation and it’s only a matter of time.”

After Bolling asked Trump Jr. what motivation Clinton had to make such a remark, Trump Jr. argued, “I think she says it because she’s got the worst personality of any person in the history of politics.”

He claimed, “She doesn’t understand people, she doesn’t have any feelings. She’s like a reptile.”

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