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JUST IN: Huge Blunder That Trump Jr. Made in Court, Literally Throwing His Father Under the Bus

by Jessica

Donald Trump Jr. found himself under scrutiny as he took the stand on Monday, November 14 during the ongoing civil fraud trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Instead of addressing the legal claims against him and the Trump family, Trump Jr. seemed to engage in what James characterized as a distracting sales pitch.

Letitia James, on Monday, accused Trump Jr. of attempting to divert attention from the core allegations by presenting a seemingly unrelated defense strategy.

During his testimony as alleged by the AG, rather than directly responding to the legal charges, Trump Jr. opted to showcase images of various Trump properties.

James asserted that this tactic amounted to a deliberate effort to obfuscate the proceedings and avoid addressing the substantive claims against the Trump family.

James emphasized that, despite Trump Jr.’s attempts to present a defense, the facts in the case remain unchanged.

She argued that the evidence supporting the allegations of fraud against the Trump family is clear and unaffected by attempts to shift the narrative.

The New York Attorney General criticized Trump Jr.’s approach, stating that he failed to make any substantive points to refute the case against him and his family.

According to James, this diversionary tactic only served to underscore the seriousness of the allegations and raised questions about the Trump family’s willingness to address them directly.

Observers noted the contentious atmosphere in the courtroom, with James characterizing Trump Jr.’s testimony as a “sales pitch” and a distraction.

The exchange added another layer of tension to an already high-profile trial that has garnered significant public attention.

As the trial unfolds, the focus remains on the evidence presented and the legal arguments put forth by both parties.

Letitia James continues to assert that the numbers and evidence don’t lie, emphasizing the importance of addressing the substantive issues at the core of the civil fraud case against the Trump family.

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