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Trump Jr. Brutally Insults Famous Woman On Witness Stand

by Jessica

Donald Trump Jr. recently stated that it will be impossible to conduct business in New York after Attorney General Letitia James went after the Trump Organization for allegedly inflating property values via Daily Mail.

The eldest Trump child reckoned that any political enemies – including those who don’t donate to James’ campaign – will be targeted by the New York AG’s office.

It has been noted that Trump Jr. was the first witness called by the defense on Monday to testify in the $250 million civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump and his two eldest sons, who are co-executive vice presidents of the real estate empire.

When leaving court on Monday, Don Jr. said James is setting a scary precedent for businesses in the Empire State.

‘The precedent that it sets for New York business – ‘If you don’t, perhaps, donate to Letitia James’ reelection campaign, I too will go after your billion-dollar transactions,’ he mimicked when speaking to the press gathered outside the courthouse.

‘It’s ripe for extortion and corruption, but, you know, that’s what you get from the Democrat party in New York these days, it seems,’ he said. ‘So, it’s a scary precedent, I don’t know how anyone can do business in this city with that.’

Don Jr. returned to the stand in a Manhattan court on Monday to defend his father’s real estate company in the $250 million civil fraud case the family is facing.

The former president’s eldest son praised his ‘extraordinary’ vision and his ability to find the ‘sexiness within a real estate project’.

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