Trump Is Privately Worried About Being Forced To Wear ‘One Of Those Jumpsuits’ If He Goes To Prison

by Jessica

With four indictments now filed against him, and the majority of them filled with damning evidence, Donald Trump probably should be worried about going to prison.

The former president is facing a litany of charges for mishandling classified documents, meddling with the state of Georgia’s election results, and sparking the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

In public, Trump has maintained his innocence, and even recently told new Meet the Press host Kristen Welker that he doesn’t even think about going to prison. In private, he’s reportedly freaking out.

According to sources for Rolling Stone, Trump has spent the past several months asking his lawyers and top aides what it would be like if he’s sent to prison.

The former president is particularly concerned about his appearance and if he’ll be forced to wear “one of those jumpsuits.”

Would he be sent to a “club fed” style prison — a place that’s relatively comfortable, as far these things go — or a “bad” prison? Would he serve out a sentence in a plush home confinement? Would government officials try to strip him of his lifetime Secret Service protections? What would they make him wear, if his enemies actually did ever get him in a cell — an unprecedented set of consequences for a former leader of the free world.

In a more concerning move, Trump has also repeatedly gamed out what would happen if he’s convicted, yet wins the 2024 presidential election.

A possibility that should be unthinkable, but the guy was already elected once, so never count out American voters and their ability to make a mess like you’ve never seen. It’s practically our superpower.

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