“MAGA” Group May Not Be Happy After Trump Is Exposed By Pence Aid On What He Used To Say In Private

by Jessica

Olivia Troye, former Homeland Security adviser to ex-Vice President Mike Pence, exposed Donald Trump’s behind-the-scenes behavior.

According to a report by Rawstory on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, addressing the persistent loyalty of Trump’s MAGA base, Troye expressed her dismay, citing a Morning Consult poll placing Trump’s support at 61 percent in the Republican Primary.

Troye lamented the unfortunate state of the Republican Party, emphasizing the stark difference between Trump’s public image and his private contempt for his supporters.

According to Troye, the ex-president, in closed-door meetings, would deride and mock those who financially supported him, purchased his products, and cast their votes in his favor.

“It was so disparaging to them,” Troye revealed. She underscored her personal discomfort, noting how Trump’s private remarks contradicted the image he projected publicly.

Troye’s sentiments reflected a broader disillusionment with the current state of the Republican Party, emphasizing the disconnection between Trump and his loyal base.

The discussion on “The View” touched on Trump’s disparaging comments not only about his political supporters but also about his evangelical Christian followers.

A 2020 report from The Atlantic revealed Trump’s cynicism and contempt for believers, with former lawyer Michael Cohen exposing Trump’s dismissive attitude towards evangelical leaders, whom he labeled as “full of ..”

Joy Behar injected a touch of humor, suggesting Trump supporters might be accustomed to such treatment within their families.

However, the serious question of whether Trump would extend invitations to his supporters at Mar-a-Lago remained unanswered.

This revelation adds to a growing list of criticisms against Trump, shedding light on the dissonance between his public persona and private opinions.

The authenticity of Troye’s claims raises questions about the future of Trump’s influence within the Republican Party and the impact on the party’s overall image.

As the 2024 election looms, these revelations might prompt supporters to reevaluate their allegiance to a leader whose private sentiments appear incongruent with the image he projects in public.

The stark contrast between Trump’s public image and private behavior, if widely acknowledged, could reshape the political landscape, challenging the loyalty of his base and prompting broader reflections on the state of the Republican Party.

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