Trump Is Already Worried About ‘Cheating’ Before…

by Jessica

It seems that after making years of groundless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, former President Donald Trump warnings that there could be an even bigger theft this time around, a tactic that threatens to complicate Republican turnout efforts via WSJ.

“Too Big to Rig.” That is the phrase Trump started unveiling in recent weeks and it includes an appearance in Greensboro, N.C. It seems that his campaign also has printed signs with the slogan to hand out to supporters. The idea behind the pitch is this: Trump needs a lead so large that no one can take it away.

“We want a landslide,” Trump said at the rally. “We have to win so that it’s too big to rig.”

The line has garnered energetic applause from the Trump faithful, but it presents messaging challenges for Republicans. Even as the former president says the voting process could be rigged, he is urging GOP supporters to participate in it anyway. Trump also needs to woo moderate and swing voters, yet they could be turned off by his drumbeat.

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