“Trump Is A Unique Case” – Experts Analyze Unusual Deals, Reveal Truth About Alleged Violations

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly continued to blur the lines between business and politics as he aggressively promotes a range of products while actively pursuing a return to the White House.

CNBC reported on Friday, March 29, 2024, that from sneakers to perfumes, trading cards to bibles, Trump’s brand empire seems to know no bounds. However, experts are now scrutinizing these unusual deals, reacting to various questions about legal and ethical implications.

Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig acknowledged the uniqueness of Trump’s approach, telling CNBC that “there is no precedent for this level” of business activity during a presidential campaign.

Brendan Fischer, deputy executive director of Documented, a watchdog organization, emphasized the novelty of Trump’s deals.

“I can’t think of any other modern example of a presidential candidate hawking an array of goods for their private benefit,” Fischer said.

Despite concerns over potential legal ramifications, Trump appears to navigate the boundaries carefully. Fischer noted that Trump’s longstanding involvement in business before his political career complicates matters, making it less likely for his activities to trigger a campaign finance investigation.

“Trump is a unique case,” he said, noting that for an average candidate, that activity might trigger a campaign finance investigation.

CNBC also noted the recent unveiling of a $60 Bible, endorsed by Trump and featuring patriotic embellishments, including lyrics from “God Bless the U.S.A.” by country artist Lee Greenwood.

While the precise financial arrangements surrounding the sale of these Bibles remain opaque, it is evident that Trump stands to profit from the venture, a person familiar with the arrangement told The New York Times.

Moreover, CNBC also noted Trump’s involvement in the sneaker industry, launching his own line of tennis shoes at a recent Philadelphia convention.

Despite concerns about the ethical implications of leveraging his political platform for personal gain, experts like Lessig suggest that Trump’s actions may not run afoul of campaign ethics or financial regulations.

“I don’t think there’s any ethical problem with it at all — so long as the proper reporting requirements are complied with,” the professor said.

“There may well be a strategic or brand problem with it, but that’s the same as with any political speech,” he added.

Trump’s campaign team also maintained that his business activities are entirely separate from his political endeavors, emphasizing the success of these ventures without directly linking them to his candidacy.

“These successful business deals are completely separate from the campaign,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told CNBC.

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