“Trump is a Traitor, Not Convinced He Will Be on the Ballot” Former White House Reporter Reveals

by Jessica

Former White House reporter Brian Karem delivered a scathing critique of Donald Trump, labeling him as a traitor and suggesting that the ex-president is more likely to face a future on the streets than secure a second term.

As reported by Raw Story on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, Karem, known for his outspoken views, expressed certainty that history would remember Trump as un-American, accusing him and his followers of being delusional and manipulative.

“He and his delusional followers will do anything to convince you he’s a shoo-in when he’s actually demented, devoid of ideas, delusional, disgustingly disingenuous, and a dreary, despicable, destructive douche whose name will become historically synonymous with Benedict Arnold,” Karem declared.

The comparison to Benedict Arnold, the infamous American soldier who defected to the British side during the Revolutionary War, underscores Karem’s belief in Trump’s betrayal of the nation.

Karem’s strong words were prompted by a post from network executive Mike Sington, who speculated about a potential second Trump term involving the creation of internment camps reminiscent of a dark chapter in American history.

Sington’s post suggested that if Trump were to secure a second term, he might implement policies leading to the internment of millions of undocumented individuals, drawing parallels to the controversial internment of Japanese Americans during the 1940s. Karem seized upon this hypothetical scenario to question Trump’s political future.

“‘IF’ is the conditional word here,” Karem countered in response to Sington’s post. “I remain unconvinced Donald Trump will even be on the ballot next November. He’s far more likely to be turning tricks on the street after losing most of his assets or fighting to stay out of prison.”

The journalist’s skepticism regarding Trump’s electoral prospects reflects his belief that the former president’s divisive and destructive image would not resonate with voters.

Karem urged the public to reject what he characterized as Trump’s “peculiar and destructive image of the Fascist Christian Nationalist States of America.”


As political discourse continues to be marked by sharp divisions, Karem’s bold predictions and forceful language contribute to the ongoing debate about Trump’s political future and the potential impact of a second term.

Whether or not these predictions come to pass, they add to the complex narrative surrounding one of the most controversial figures in recent American history.

Karem’s assertion of Trump’s potential downfall involves a stark depiction of the ex-president turning to unconventional means for survival. This narrative, fueled by political polarization, underscores the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Trump’s legacy.

As Karem engages in a war of words on X, the debate surrounding Trump’s political fate intensifies, leaving room for speculation on the broader implications for American democracy.

The future remains uncertain, but Karem’s passionate commentary adds another layer to the multifaceted discourse surrounding this divisive political figure.


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