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Former Army Officer Suggests ‘Military Action’ Against Donald Trump in Jan. 6 Incident.

by Jessica

Kevin Carroll, a former Army officer who served as senior counsel to then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly during the Trump administration, has expressed deep concern and criticism over the actions of former President Donald Trump in relation to the events surrounding January 6th.

The BBC, August 8, reports that, in an op-ed published in The Dispatch, Carroll conveyed his unease after reading the recent indictment against Trump, highlighting troubling implications for the U.S. military.

Carroll’s op-ed centers around his reaction to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump on four felony charges linked to a concerted effort to maintain power after losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.

The indictment, as The Huffington Post reports, outlines a complex scheme involving false claims of voter fraud and attempts to install counterfeit electors in key swing states.

Carroll specifically pointed out passages in the indictment that suggest the plot may have involved contemplating the use of military force.

The former Army officer expressed his alarm over conversations among co-conspirators, including Jeffrey Clark and John Eastman, who appeared to discuss the possibility of using the military to support their efforts.

Carroll cited the mention of the Insurrection Act as an example of this disturbing discourse. He noted that these discussions raised concerns about placing the U.S. military in an unprecedented and potentially untenable position.

Carroll’s op-ed suggested that the potential scenario outlined in the indictment would have forced military leaders to make an agonizing choice between upholding the longstanding tradition of civilian control over the military or engaging in actions that could undermine democratic norms.

He emphasized that such a situation would have grave implications for the nation and its core principles.

Carroll concluded his piece by expressing his belief that the foreseeable consequences of the alleged plot would have had profound impacts on both the military and the nation as a whole.

He indicated that, if Trump were to be convicted, the potential harm resulting from his actions should be taken into consideration during the sentencing process.

Ultimately, Carroll’s op-ed raises serious questions about the role of the military, the integrity of democratic processes, and the potential consequences of actions that challenge established norms.

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