“We’re In A Big Mess, A Real Big Mess” Voter Who Backed Trump In 2016 And 2020 Admits

by Jessica

Idaho Republicans gathered across the state to participate in the GOP presidential caucus, expressing their discontent with President Joe Biden’s administration and emphasizing concerns about immigration, the economy, and the national debt.

Idaho Statesman reported on Saturday, March 2, 2024, that at Borah High School in Boise, a caucus site, voters like Darwin Packard, who supported former President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, voiced their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs.

Packard remarked, “We’re in a big mess, a real big mess,” adding that he believes Trump is the only candidate qualified to rescue the country.

Trump is “the only one that is qualified to bring us out of this mess,” he reportedly said as cited by the media outlet.

One prominent issue among Trump supporters was the security situation at the southern U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump, known for his strong stance on immigration since his 2016 campaign, recently visited a Texas border town, where he claimed the country was “being overrun by the Biden migrant crime,” according to the Washington Post and cited by Idaho Statesman.

However, studies have consistently shown that immigrants are less likely to have criminal convictions compared to those born in the U.S.

Despite Trump’s legal challenges, including facing 91 felonies across four states and multiple lawsuits, his supporters remained steadfast. Some viewed these legal battles as targeted attacks against the former president.

Supporters like Mary Ellen Nourse, who ran against state Rep. Sue Chew in 2022, praised Trump’s leadership, emphasizing the need for someone who can “from day 1, start turning things around.”

“The other candidates may be highly qualified,” Ellen Nourse told the Statesman. “But right now, to me, we need someone who’s going to be able to step in and, from day 1, start turning things around.”

Many acknowledged Trump’s accomplishments during his first term in office and believed that he had earned respect among international leaders.

However, not all Republicans are supporting Trump. Some of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s supporters argued that she would be a better leader than Trump, citing concerns about his honesty and character.

Natalie Fleming, who ran in the 2022 primary for a U.S. Senate seat, expressed her support for Haley, emphasizing the importance of compassion and respect in leadership.

“As a Christian, I’m a very strong believer in compassion and respect and respect for people who disagree with you,” Fleming told the media outlet. “Every time I see him speak, I see him telling us that our neighbors who disagree with us are the true enemy. And I can’t stomach that.”

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