Trump Hits DeSantis Again in New Ad, Flaunts Presidential Moments

by Jessica

In a strategic move to maintain his position as the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination,

Former President Donald Trump has unveiled a new campaign ad that showcases key moments from his time in the Oval Office while subtly taking a swipe at his primary rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

As reported by The Messenger on Saturday, the 30-second video opens with a montage of memorable moments from Trump’s presidency, featuring scenes of him speaking with the press, conducting White House meetings, boarding Air Force One, engaging with world leaders, and addressing enthusiastic rally crowds.

The montage is set against the backdrop of country singer Trace Adkins’ “Whoop a Man’s Ass,” creating an energizing atmosphere that harkens back to Trump’s time in office.

However, the ad takes a deliberate turn as it transitions to clips of Governor DeSantis and displays an unnamed poll showing Trump with a commanding 62% of the vote compared to DeSantis’s 16%.

The song’s lyrics, “That’s the point that he’ll get the point, he’ll probably back down,” serve as a subtle jab at DeSantis’s position in the race.

The rivalry between the former allies has been intensifying as they both vie for the coveted Republican nomination.

Their exchanges have not been limited to campaign events, as they have publicly sparred in interviews, through the press, on social media, and during various appearances.

While Trump currently leads in most Republican polls, DeSantis is widely recognized as his most formidable challenger within the party.

Notably, the two contenders have yet to face off directly on the campaign trail, with Trump opting to skip the first presidential debate and rumors circulating that he may also bypass the upcoming second debate.

This strategic maneuvering has added an element of anticipation to their eventual showdown.

As the 2024 Republican primary race unfolds, Trump’s ad serves as a reminder of his prominent role during his presidency and underscores the perception that he remains the dominant force in the GOP.

With both candidates aggressively pursuing the nomination, the battle for the Republican ticket is expected to intensify in the coming months, making it a race to watch closely on the political stage.

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