Trump Hilariously Threatens To Drop Out Of Election

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday went on to reveal the one thing that would make him drop out of the race for President.

It seems that it’s not the politicized indictments, the harassment of his family, the destruction of his wealth, or a Hillary Clinton Special. It’s Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Trump was seen joking with the crowd in Cedar Rapids on Saturday that he will possibly drop out of the race to open up a tow truck company.

“I’m going to open up a massive, all over the country, tow trucks so that when they run out of their energy, I’ll tow those suckers right back home,” said Trump, talking about “Biden’s insane electric vehicle mandates.” “That could be the only reason I dropped out,” the 2024 frontrunner and target of the corrupt legal system concluded.

But we want President Trump back in the White House, and unfortunately, a Trump Towing venture will not be as lucrative when we have energy independence, meaning we can “Drill Baby, Drill!”

Trump made these remarks during his second event of the day in Iowa.

The President made similar remarks on Biden’s failed electric vehicle mandates last month while speaking to Michigan autoworker union members worried that Joe Biden and the radical left’s push for electric vehicles will cause job loss.

President Trump has vowed to keep manufacturing and jobs in America instead of China like Crooked Joe Biden wants.

“The Workers of America are getting, to put it very nicely, screwed. You’re getting screwed,” said Trump as he slammed Joe Biden for his “policies that send Michigan auto workers to the unemployment line.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on Trump’s full doubleheader in Iowa on Saturday, starting with an event in Waterloo at 2 p.m. CT and ending with another speech in Cedar Rapids.

What was supposed to be a small caucus training and speaking event turned into a massive, full-blown, max-capacity rally with standing room only. Trump is expected to mop the floor with the RINOs in the Republican Primary.

President Trump was on fire while speaking to massive in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Watch highlights from his Waterloo event this afternoon.

Watch below:

Trump: Biden’s insane electric vehicle mandates will totally decimate gas-powered cars. If it happens, Iowa ethanol is dead. You know? It’s dead. You’re not going to need ethanol, you’re not going to need gasoline, and you’re gonna never take a trip that’s more than 12 minutes from your house.

You know what else is gonna die? Hotels are going to die. But, the greatest business there is–in fact, I may not run for president; I may drop out to go into this business.

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