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Ex-Biden Official Drops Trump Health Bombshell

by Jessica

Michael LaRosa, the former Press Secretary for First Lady Jill Biden, and Hogan Gidley, the former White House Deputy Press Secretary for Donald Trump, engaged in a debate on Fox News regarding Trump’s treatment of the military, as reported by Media Ite.

Prior to his retirement, the former president had suggested that Mark Milley be executed for his contact with his Chinese military counterpart during Trump’s final months in office.

This statement sparked outrage among fellow Republicans and prompted a response from Milley, who referred to Trump as a “wannabe dictator” during his retirement speech.

LaRosa and Gidley joined Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz Sunday to discuss Trump’s treatment of the military. LaRosa argued, “Bottom line is, it’s part of a larger narrative of Republicans being anti-military. It’s not just what he said about General Milley.

It’s what he said about the people who’ve died for this country, calling them losers and suckers.” He went on to mention how Republicans played politics with military families’ benefits and criticized their actions in the Senate regarding military promotions.

Gidley countered by stating that Trump “rebuilt the military” after it was allegedly “gutted” by Obama and Biden. He also claimed that Trump reformed the VA to improve veterans’ access to healthcare.

LaRosa then brought up Trump’s reported avoidance of military service due to bone spurs during the Vietnam War and criticized him for insulting gold star families.

The debate highlighted the contrasting views on Trump’s relationship with the military and the policies implemented during his presidency.

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