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Trump Has Not Committed Serious Crimes, Majority of Likely Iowa GOP Caucusgoers Believe

by Jessica

Despite the numerous legal cases surrounding him, a recent NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll reveals that the majority of likely GOP caucusgoers in Iowa, who will play a pivotal role in selecting the state’s 2024 presidential nominee in January, do not believe that former President Trump has committed significant crimes.

According to NBC News, “Among likely GOP caucusgoers, 65% believe Trump hasn’t committed serious crimes,” and the survey also indicates robust support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and U.S. Senator Tim Scott.

This survey, conducted amidst Trump’s fourth criminal indictment, showcases that the former president enjoys more than double the popularity of his closest rival. When asked, “Which one of the following Republicans would be your first choice for president?” 42% of Iowa’s likely GOP caucusgoers chose Trump, while only 19% opted for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. U.S. Senator Tim Scott secured third place with 9%, followed by former Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and former Trump Vice President Mike Pence, both with 6%.

Notably, NBC News highlights that a significant portion of Republican caucusgoers in Iowa, 52% to be exact, have not firmly decided on their preferred candidate and remain open to persuasion to support other contenders.

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