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Donald Trump Has A New Enemy That Could Expose Him As A ‘Fraud’

by Jessica

Raskin Pledges Investigation into Money Received by Trump During Presidency: The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), is committed to conducting an inquiry into the funds received by Donald Trump while he held the presidency.

This move comes in response to the Republican majority’s year-long investigation into foreign business deals involving Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and other members of the Biden family, with the aim of uncovering potential corruption or wrongdoing by President Biden himself.

However, the Republican investigation has not yielded any evidence of the president benefiting financially from these deals or taking actions connected to them during his time as vice president or president.

Democrats have frequently countered these allegations by pointing to Donald Trump’s business dealings while he was in office, along with the financial gains made by his children and son-in-law, particularly Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who held official roles in the government. Hunter Biden, in contrast, did not have a formal government position.

Raskin, appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” expressed his concerns about the perceived enrichment of private interests through government positions during the Trump administration. He compared this to practices in Russia under Vladimir Putin and urged the committee to seriously analyze the laws regarding such financial activities.

Raskin announced that the Democratic members of the committee plan to release a report highlighting the financial gains made by the Trump Administration, including documented foreign government emoluments, millions of dollars received at Trump hotels and golf courses, and other business deals involving the president and his family.

Although the Democrats lack subpoena power as the minority on the committee, they can release their own reports, giving them an opportunity to challenge the claims of the “Biden Crime Family” line of attack.

The issue of whether Trump and those around him violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause was brought up during his presidency, leading to some legal actions. Ultimately, the Supreme Court dismissed these lawsuits in early 2021, effectively ending the matter.

One of the lawsuits was initiated by Washington, D.C., and Maryland, alleging that Trump violated the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign and domestic governments through the Trump International Hotel. Another lawsuit involved members of the hospitality industry, who argued that they faced a competitive disadvantage due to Trump’s lack of blind trust when assuming the presidency, as he retained an interest in his businesses.

CNN reported, Although the legal battles on this front did not result in serious criminal investigations, Raskin’s efforts aim to shed light on the financial aspects of the Trump Administration, drawing a contrast with the allegations surrounding the Biden family.

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