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“TRUMPER” Trump gets upset with Fox News for leaving out any of his backers from the election round-up

by Jessica

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump directed criticism towards Fox News, accusing the conservative network of deliberately sidelining “TRUMPER” voters during interviews related to the upcoming 2024 election.

The former president, known for regularly sharing polls favoring his GOP presidential nomination or positioning against President Joe Biden on his Truth Social account, expressed dissatisfaction with Fox News, taking a sarcastic tone.

In his rant on Truth Social, Trump stated, “FoxNews worked hard today, and were able to find 3 representative voters to go on the show.

One was for Crooked Joe, where the person found nothing mentally wrong with him. Another was for Birdbrain, and the 3rd for Ron DeSanctimonious.”

He then proceeded to highlight his own polling numbers and subtly suggested that Fox News might be deliberately neglecting his strong supporter base.

“Considering that I’m leading Biden by 11 Points (WAPO), and leading the Republicans by over 50 Points, FoxNews must have worked very hard not to find a TRUMPER?”

The remarks implied a sense of dissatisfaction with the network’s coverage and a belief that Fox News is not adequately representing the substantial support he claims to have among voters.

This incident adds to the ongoing tension between Donald Trump and certain media outlets, showcasing the complex dynamics shaping political narratives in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

As the former president continues to leverage his online presence, including the Truth Social platform, to communicate with his followers, these clashes underscore the evolving landscape of political communication and media influence.

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