Nathan Wade Resigns From Trump Georgia Case

by Jessica

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s resignation from the Trump Georgia election interference case marks a significant development, confirmed by WSB, as the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has officially accepted his departure.

Wade’s resignation letter, shared on X (formerly Twitter), reveals his decision to step down “in the interest of democracy” and to expedite the legal proceedings.

This decision comes despite the court’s finding that the defendants failed to substantiate an actual conflict of interest involving the District Attorney.

In response, DA Willis also took to X to acknowledge Wade’s resignation and to extend gratitude for his unwavering professionalism throughout the prolonged ordeal spanning 865 days.

Despite enduring threats and unwarranted attacks on his reputation, Wade maintained dignity and dedication to the pursuit of justice.

The backdrop to Wade’s resignation stems from an earlier ruling on Friday by Judge Scott McAfee.

The judge mandated that either Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis or lead prosecutor Nathan Wade must withdraw from the case due to a perceived conflict of interest stemming from their prior relationship.

Trump’s legal team had argued vehemently that this relationship disqualified Willis from the case, leading to McAfee’s decision.

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