Trump Foresees How His Case Will End, Comes to Conclusion After What Witness Said in Court

by Jessica

Terrence Bradley faced relentless questioning about the alleged relationship between Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade and district attorney Fani Willis in Judge Scott McAfee’s courtroom.

The stakes were high, as Donald Trump eagerly awaited an opportunity to declare the case against him as “fake” and demand the removal of the legal duo, reports Raw Story on Wednesday, February 28.

Trump, in a social media proclamation, has now heralded the end of the case, observing that Bradley struggled to provide concrete evidence regarding the inception of Wade and Willis’s relationship.

He said that Bradley’s failure to contradict his narrative that Wade and Willis started dating before his prosecution is proof that the case is fake, declaring himself clear, which, however, holds no water legally.

“The fact that Fani Willis and ‘Lover’ Wade unquestionably started their relationship BEFORE the beginning of their FAKE case that was brought against me and many others, would unequivocally mean, according to virtually all legal experts and scholars, THAT THIS CASE IS OVER!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

The former Wade law partner found himself on the stand, defending his earlier claim that the pair had started dating in late 2019.

Trump’s attorney, Steve Sadow, pressed Bradley on why he would speculate about such a critical detail, after he made a U-turn to admit that he didn’t know when the dating began and was only guessing.

“Why in the heck would you speculate?” asked Sadow at the hearing.

The courtroom tension escalated as Bradley admitted uncertainty, leaving Sadow to assert that the only explanation was Bradley’s reluctance to admit the truth in court.

The stakes were not lost on Trump, who seized on Bradley’s wavering testimony to assert that Willis and Wade should be ousted from the case.

Trump’s hope rests on delaying the prosecution until after the election, potentially paving the way for the case to fizzle out entirely. The decision, however, lies in the hands of Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee.

As the legal drama unfolds, Bradley, also Wade’s divorce attorney, struggles to recall crucial details.

He acknowledged only one conversation where Wade admitted to being in a relationship with Willis.

Yet, the haziness of the date and uncertainty about whether it occurred before Wade’s appointment in November 2021 has added further complexity to the already convoluted case.

The courtroom has become a battleground of legal wits, with Trump’s team striving to exploit any perceived weakness in Bradley’s testimony.

The former law partner found himself caught in a crossfire of accusations and insinuations, with the fate of the case hanging in the balance.

Willis and Wade, the legal architects behind the case against Trump, have remained stoic amid the tumult.

Their professional reputations rest on the judge’s decision and the integrity of their conduct.

The legal community and the public are anxiously awaiting the judge’s ruling, knowing that it can shape the trajectory of a case that had captured the nation’s attention.

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