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Whopping 64% of Americans Say They ‘Definitely’ Or ‘Probably’ Would NOT Support Trump For President in 2024

by Jessica

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research indicates that former President Donald Trump is solidifying his influence within the Republican Party, yet continues to remain distanced from a majority of the American electorate.

The survey’s results highlight that 63% of Republican voters currently express their desire for the former president to seek re-election. This represents an increase from a similar poll conducted last April, which revealed that 55% of Republican voters wished to see Trump on the party’s ticket again.

Furthermore, Trump’s popularity among Republicans has seen an upswing, with 70% of Republicans holding a favorable opinion of him. This marks an improvement from two months ago when 60% shared the same sentiment, even as Trump faces additional legal challenges with more indictments filed against him.

While the poll emphasizes Trump’s evident sway over the Republican Party, it also underscores his more challenging standing within the broader electorate.

“However, Trump is encountering evident vulnerabilities as he looks ahead to a general election, as many Americans remain firmly opposed to him,” wrote AP journalists Jill Colvin and Linley Sanders.

The poll’s results indicate that in a hypothetical general election, 74% of Republicans would support Trump in 2024. Nevertheless, 53% of the overall American population stated they would “definitely not” support him, while another 11% expressed they would “probably not” support him.

A similar set of questions about President Joe Biden yielded slightly more favorable results for the incumbent, though not by a significant margin. Approximately 54% of respondents indicated they would not support Biden, with 43% definitively stating they would not support him in a general election, and an additional 11% leaning towards not supporting him. While this demonstrates an improvement from the 64% of Americans who expressed a lack of desire to support Trump, it signifies Biden’s remaining vulnerability.

Nevertheless, Biden commands stronger loyalty within his own party compared to Trump. Around 82% of Democrats affirmed their support for Biden in a general election. The poll also delved into respondents’ beliefs about the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency. While 70% of all surveyed Americans deemed him a legitimately elected president, a stark contrast emerged between parties, with 98% of Democrats agreeing, but only 41% of Republicans endorsing Biden’s legitimacy.

Regarding Trump’s recent federal indictment, 53% of Americans expressed their approval for the Justice Department’s decision to indict him in the federal case centered on his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. Predictably, there was a substantial divide along partisan lines, with only 16% of Republicans approving of the indictment, compared to 85% of Democrats.

The poll encompassed a national sample of 1,165 adults, collected through online and telephone interviews conducted between August 10th and 14th. The poll carries a margin of error of 3.8%.

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