Donald Trump Files ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuit Against The Media For On-Air Comments As He Struggles To Post Bond In NY Fraud Case

by Jessica

Donald Trump must miss being in the courtroom, seeing that he just added another lawsuit to his plate, though this time, Trump is the one suing someone else, rather than the other way around. Weeks after being found guilty of fraud in the state of New York, the former president has launched a lawsuit against George Stephanopoulos, a news anchor, and ABC News, for defamation. Keep reading for more details.

On the Mar. 10th edition of “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” the news anchor was discussing another lawsuit that Trump lost, in which he was found guilty of defaming author E. Jean Carroll and ordered Trump to pay her $83.3M in damages.

Stephanopoulos was interviewing Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina when he said that Trump was “liable for rape,” referencing the lawsuit involving Carroll. Trump launched a lawsuit on Tuesday, Mar. 19th, citing that the jury found him liable for sexual abuse, not rape. Trump is claiming that Stephanopoulos defamed him by using the term “rape,” rather than “sexual abuse.”

Trump’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, but Nancy Erika Smith, a NJ-based employment and civil rights lawyer who has handled several sexual harassment cases, doesn’t think Trump will win. “It’s a completely frivolous lawsuit,” she says. “ABC should get attorney’s fees.”

Perhaps one of the reasons Trump is itching to get back in the courtroom is the latest news from his lawyers that it’s “practically impossible” he will be able to post his $450M+ bond that he owes after losing the NY fraud lawsuit brought on by NY attorney general Letitia James.

After finding Trump guilty of fraudulently inflating his assets to secure more favorable bank loans, the court ordered Trump to pay over $450M, a number that continues to rise due to interest each day.

Now that Trump must pay the fine, he’s having trouble finding a bonding company that will lend him the money. “The amount of the judgment, with interest, exceeds $464 million, and very few bonding companies will consider a bond of anything approaching that magnitude,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

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