What Will Happen If Trump Fails To Pay Full Amount Of 2 Defamation Cases Against Caroll Revealed

by Jessica

A former federal prosecutor, Joyce Vance, recently highlighted a pressing issue for Donald Trump concerning his legal battles with E. Jean Carroll, a columnist who has won two defamation cases against him as reported by Raw Story on Monday, March 4, 2024.

In the first case, Trump was found liable for sexually assaulting Carroll and was ordered to pay $5 million. The stakes were raised significantly in the second trial, where Trump was ordered to pay over $83 million.

Trump is now at a crucial juncture due to a looming deadline this week related to Carroll’s defamation case. He must secure a bond or deposit the full judgment amount into a court account by the end of the week.

This requirement, known as an appeal bond, is crucial because if Trump manages to meet it, Carroll cannot start collecting the money while Trump’s appeal is pending.

If Trump fails to secure the bond or make the full payment, Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, can begin efforts to collect the $83.3 million judgment.

Vance pointed out that Trump has sought special treatment from the court regarding this matter. He has attempted to negotiate with the court for a significantly reduced bond amount, essentially asking the court to bend the rules in his favor.

However, the court quickly dismissed Trump’s request, emphasizing the importance of following standard legal procedures. The court’s response was clear: Trump would not be allowed to negotiate his way out of standard legal requirements, ensuring that the process remains fair and consistent.

This situation puts Trump in a challenging position as he faces a significant financial judgment. If he cannot meet the requirements for the appeal bond, he risks having Carroll’s legal team aggressively pursue the collection of the massive $83.3 million judgment.

The outcome of this legal battle could have profound implications for Trump, not only financially but also in terms of his public image and future legal challenges.

As Trump navigates this difficult period, the decisions he makes and the outcomes of his appeals will be closely watched by both his supporters and critics.

The case also underscores the importance of the legal system in holding individuals accountable and ensuring that justice is served, regardless of an individual’s status or position.

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