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Trump Faces New Criminal Charges for Spilling Nuclear Secrets to a Billionaire Friend

by Jessica

According to a report by Raw Story on Friday, October 6, 2023, former President Donald Trump is facing new accusations of endangering national security after a bombshell report revealed that he shared highly classified nuclear secrets with a member of his Mar-a-Lago golf club.

According to the report by Politico, Trump casually disclosed details about a secret nuclear weapons system to Bob Woodward, a veteran journalist and author, during an interview in 2020.

Woodward then shared the information with a billionaire friend, who happened to be a Mar-a-Lago member and a Trump supporter.

The friend, whose name has not been disclosed, was so shocked by the revelation that he contacted former officials and experts to verify the accuracy of Trump’s claim.

He also recorded his conversation with Woodward and played it for them.

The experts, who spoke to Politico on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Trump had indeed revealed one of America’s most sensitive intelligence secrets.

They said that the system, which involves a new type of submarine-launched nuclear warhead, was designed to deter Russia and China from launching a first strike against the US.

They also expressed alarm and outrage at Trump’s reckless behavior, saying that he had violated his oath of office and potentially compromised national security.

They warned that Trump’s disclosure could have given away valuable information to America’s adversaries, who could use it to develop countermeasures or launch preemptive attacks.

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” said one former official, who had direct knowledge of the system. “He’s been doing this with anybody who can get him on the phone.”

Another expert, who had served in senior positions in the Pentagon and the intelligence community, said that Trump’s actions were “beyond irresponsible” and “bordering on treasonous”.

He said that Trump had no authority to declassify such information without consulting with the relevant agencies and officials.

“He’s not a king. He can’t do whatever he wants,” the expert said.

“He has to follow the rules and procedures that are in place to protect our national security.”

Trump’s former national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, also criticized Trump for his loose talk about nuclear matters.

He said that Trump had shown a lack of understanding and respect for the gravity and sensitivity of such issues.

“He doesn’t have a filter,” McMaster said.

“He doesn’t think before he speaks.

He doesn’t realize the consequences of what he says.”

Trump has not responded to the report or the allegations against him.

His spokesperson, Liz Harrington, dismissed the story as “fake news” and accused Politico of being “an arm of the Democrat Party”.

She did not deny or confirm the substance of Trump’s disclosure.

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