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Trump Faces Another Potential Lawsuit Few Minutes After Judge Kaplan’s Unfavorable Ruling

by Jessica

Renowned attorney Roberta Kaplan, representing E. Jean Carroll, issued a stern warning to former President Donald Trump following the $83.3 million verdict in the defamation case. E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer puts Trump on notice about a new potential lawsuit.

As reported by Raw Story on Friday, January 26, 2024, Kaplan believes that hitting Trump where it hurts – his financial interests – is crucial, emphasizing that money speaks volumes to the former president.

Carroll, 80, secured the substantial jury verdict, affirming years of public ridicule by Trump after accusing him of sexual assault in the 1990s. Kaplan, while uncertain if the financial blow will act as a deterrent, does not rule out the possibility of pursuing additional litigation against Trump.

In response to the verdict, Trump dismissed it as “absolutely ridiculous” on Truth Social, pledging to appeal. Kaplan, however, contends that Trump’s defiant demeanor during the trial, including storming out while closing arguments were presented, may have further damaged his case.

She asserts that Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the law’s authority demonstrates his belief that rules don’t apply to him.

Highlighting Trump’s derogatory remarks during the trial, Kaplan points out that beyond the physical assault, Trump’s persistent public attacks on Carroll as a “liar” and a “whack job” were equally damaging.

She underscores the shocking aspect of Trump’s continuous flouting of the law even during the trial, questioning how someone could openly violate legal norms repeatedly.

David Urban, a former aide to Trump suggested on CNN’s Anderson Cooper that there might be a chance to reverse the verdict. However, Cooper corrected Urban, emphasizing that, regardless of an appeal, Trump has lost and will be compelled to pay something after the court’s ruling.

The sentiment of Trump defending himself emerges in remarks by his former attorney, Timothy Parlatore, during an interview on CNN’s “The Source.” Parlatore suggests that Trump, despite his legal team’s efforts, may have effectively been his own defense in the sexual assault case brought forth by Carroll.

As news of the verdict circulated, Trump’s allies experienced a meltdown, contesting the massive judgment. Trump’s niece celebrated the outcome, highlighting the divergent tones within Team Trump regarding the trial’s outcome..Kaplan’s assessment of Trump’s inability to follow the law becomes a focal point, emphasizing that the former president’s actions extend beyond legal boundaries.

The financial implications for Trump, hinting at the potential ramifications for his political standing. As the legal drama unfolds, public scrutiny intensifies, placing Trump under heightened pressure to navigate both legal consequences and the broader political fallout from the recent courtroom developments.

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