Trump Explodes At Nikki Haley During Meltdown

by Jessica

Donald Trump posted on Truth Social, “Pennsylvania is at it again! The Radical Left Governor, Josh Shapiro, has just announced a switch to Automatic Voter Registration, a disaster for the Election of Republicans, including your favorite President, ME!

This is a totally Unconstitutional Act and must be met harshly by Republican Leadership in Washington and Pennsylvania. Likewise, the RNC, and Ronna McDaniel, must spend their time working on this, instead of meaningless Debates where I am up by more than 50 points.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and others, are far more important than “Aida,” Sloppy Chris, Lyin’ Mike Pence, Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley, Ron (“Dead Campaign”) DeSanctimonious, and the others. Start using now, & get the right lawyers this time!

The Pennsylvania Republican Party must likewise not let this happen. It will be a disaster for our Nation, which is being destroyed by these Lunatics, Marxists, & Fascists, whose only real ability is to CHEAT on Elections. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

He also said, “To show everyone how FAKE the News Media is, ABC WORLD NEWS on Sunday Morning, their big News Show, covered every aspect of a Poll on Crooked Joe Biden, except for the biggest and most important FACT, that he was losing to a person known as DONALD J. TRUMP by a staggering 10 Points.

They spend millions of dollars on these polls, and then, if the result isn’t what they want it to be, refuse to properly report the results. This is what Fake News is all about, and the public has quickly gotten wise to it. ABC FAKE NEWS SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!”

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