Trump Explodes At ‘Terrorists’ At Mexico Border

by Jessica

In a recent post on his Truth Social platform, Donald Trump conveyed a stark assessment of the current state of the U.S. border, drawing a stark contrast to the conditions he claimed existed just three years ago.

According to Trump, during that period, the United States purportedly boasted the strongest and safest border in its history. However, in the present day, he characterized the border situation as a looming catastrophe, asserting that it is now the worst border globally and likening it to an open wound in the country’s once-great history.

Trump’s rhetoric took a particularly ominous turn as he raised concerns about terrorism, claiming that terrorists are entering the United States without restraint from various parts of the world.

He went on to make a bold prediction, stating that there is now a 100% chance of major terror attacks occurring in the USA. In response to this perceived threat, Trump advocated for an immediate and decisive action—closing the border.

This message reflects Trump’s longstanding focus on immigration and border security, themes that featured prominently during his presidency.

By framing the current border situation as a potential breeding ground for major terror attacks, Trump employs strong language to emphasize the urgency of addressing what he views as a pressing national security concern.

President Joe Biden has pledged to use new emergency authority to shut down the border if it becomes overwhelmed, provided Congress passes bipartisan immigration legislation granting him that power.

Biden expressed his support for an emerging immigration deal in the Senate, emphasizing that if the proposed reforms are enacted, they would be the toughest and fairest measures to secure the border in U.S. history.

He underscored the need to fix the broken immigration system and urged Congress to pass a bipartisan bill, vowing to use the new emergency authority on the day he signs it into law.

Biden’s statement comes amid ongoing negotiations in the Senate over immigration legislation, with the president optimistic about the possibility of a bipartisan deal.

The border has been a contentious issue, and Biden’s push for reforms aligns with his goal of addressing the challenges and securing the border effectively. The president’s commitment to using emergency authority underscores the urgency he attaches to resolving the border situation.

The immigration debate has become intertwined with other legislative matters, with Congressional Republicans, especially in the House, linking aid money for Ukraine to tougher immigration policies.

The Biden administration’s supplemental request last year tied border funding to aid for Ukraine and Israel, and negotiations on these issues have gained momentum. However, former President Donald Trump has sought to influence Republicans to reject a bipartisan border deal.

As Biden makes efforts to advance immigration reforms and secure the border, the latest data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection reveals that encounters with undocumented migrants hit a new record in December, exceeding 300,000, with the majority at the southwest border.

While preliminary data for the first half of January indicates a significant decrease in border encounters, Biden’s focus on bipartisan legislation reflects his commitment to addressing the broader immigration challenges.

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