Trump’s Unconventional Valentine – A Legal-Themed Love Note to Melania Sparks Interest and Donations

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump expressed his feelings for wife, Melania with an indictment-and-criminal-trial-themed Valentine to former First Lady Melania Trump — and millions of potential donors of love and suggested donations of $47.

On Valentine’s Day morning (nothing like waiting until the last minute) the Trump campaign sent out an email blast with the subject line “I love you, Melania!”

Once opened, the email revealed a tender message of love and legal persecution:

THIS IS A VALENTINE’S DAY LETTER FROM DONALD J. TRUMP: Thomas, this is a Valentine’s Day letter to my beautiful wife, Melania!

Dear Melania, I LOVE YOU! Even after every single INDICTMENT, ARREST, and WITCH HUNT, you never left my side.

You’ve always supported me through everything. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without your guidance, kindness, and warmth.

You will always mean the world to me, Melania! From your husband with love,

Donald J. Trump

Please leave some kind words for the First Lady this Valentine’s Day!

SEND YOUR LOVE May God bless you,

Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States”

It has been noted that the email contains not one but three “SEND YOUR LOVE” buttons, which bring recipients to a donation page that repeats the Valentine’s Day message, and says “If you love Melania, I humbly ask you for you to leave her some kind words below!”

Then there’s a box with the caption “PLEASE LEAVE SOME KIND WORDS FOR THE FIRST LADY THIS VALENTINE’S DAY – SEND HER YOUR LOVE!” and a list of suggested donations that prominently recommends $47. If you try to leave, the following message pops up:


No matter how many vicious lies and attacks they throw our way, President Trump will NEVER SURRENDER our great country to the Left’s tyranny! But the Democrats will spend billions and billions of dollars to try and stop our movement, and we’re counting on YOUR support to finish what we started.

Together, we will DISMANTLE the Deep State, WIN BACK the White House, and SAVE AMERICA in 2024! Please consider completing your contribution today. Thank you!”

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