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Trump Explodes After Jack Smith January 6th Indictment Leaks

by Jessica
Jack Smith

Media Ite recently reported that ex-President Donald Trump dismissed rumors suggesting his lawyers were notified about an imminent indictment concerning charges from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Trump aired his views in a Thursday afternoon post on Truth Social.

“My lawyers had a constructive meeting with the DOJ this morning, during which they detailed that I had not transgressed, received advice from numerous attorneys, and any indictment against me would only further harm our country,” Trump wrote. “There was no hint of such a notice during the meeting — disregard any fabricated news!”

Reports had emerged that Trump’s lawyers were alerted about a potential indictment during a Thursday morning meeting with Smith’s team. Trump himself had earlier suggested the likelihood of such charges.

“On July 18, unhinged Jack Smith, the prosecutor from Joe Biden’s DOJ, dispatched a letter (on a Sunday night, again!) announcing that I am a target of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation, and gave me a short 4-day notice to appear before the Grand Jury, which generally implies an imminent arrest and indictment,” he wrote.

It’s speculated that Smith’s investigation is focusing on Trump’s response to the Capitol riot on January 6 and his possible part in a plot to appoint fraudulent electors in states where Joe Biden triumphed over him.

Should Trump face indictment on these allegations, it would signify the third indictment he has encountered this year, and the second instance where Smith’s investigation has resulted in federal charges against him.

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