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Trump Ex-Wife Cheated On Him With Rock Star

by Jessica

The intricate tapestry of Donald Trump’s romantic history has long captivated public attention, each chapter unveiling a new twist in the saga. A notable revelation from an FBI file released in 2019 sheds light on a captivating love triangle involving Trump, his then-wife Marla Maples, and the renowned ballad crooner Michael Bolton, according to GeoTV.

Amid a brief separation between Trump and Maples, an unexpected connection blossomed. Maples, residing in the Trump Parc condo building, allegedly invited Bolton to her room during Trump’s absence on a West Coast trip.

Trump openly discussed this situation in 1994, acknowledging his decision to grant Maples the freedom to explore a relationship with Bolton. However, Trump’s competitive nature surfaced as he expressed discomfort at the prospect of losing.

In Trump’s own words, “I left her. I left her like a dog,” highlighting Maples’ freedom to pursue a relationship with Bolton. Yet, his competitive spirit emerged, and he found it challenging to accept defeat. He remarked, “A guy like me, a competitive guy, it’s like an affirmation that the girl has to be great because the No. 1 singer has fallen for her.”

Ultimately, Trump successfully lured Maples back, resulting in their marriage in 1993, while Bolton found himself on the sidelines.

These FBI documents resurfaced during a legal case involving Maples’ former publicist, Chuck Jones. Jones, accused of stealing nude photos and shoes from his client, also divulged details about her alleged affair with Donald Trump’s bodyguard, Spencer Wagner, in 1996.

The complex web of relationships in the Trump saga continues to unravel, with Bolton’s unexpected role adding a surprising layer to the narrative. The story paints a vivid picture of love, competition, and the intricate dynamics that characterized Trump’s romantic escapades.

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