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Donald Trump Getting Attorney To End Massive Trial?

by Jessica

It has been noted that on Sunday, Alina Habba, one of the attorneys representing President Trump in his New York civil fraud trial, said a plea is being filed for Judge Arthur Engoron to declare a mistrial via WLT Report.

However, she couldn’t go into full detail because of a gag order in the case.

From Newsmax:

Trump and his attorneys have been complaining that Engoron and his clerk appear to be compromised, but Habba said she couldn’t say if that is the reason for the plans to file for a mistrial, but “I can tell you that we will be filing papers to address all of those issues.”

Habba added that the fact that she couldn’t discuss the matter “and I’m his spokeswoman, I’m his attorney, says a lot about the state of our judicial system right now.”

She didn’t pin down a time when the filing would be made when show host Maria Bartiromo asked her if it would be Sunday.

“Soon,” Habba said. “Very soon.”

However, there is a problem with filing a motion for recusal, as Engoron, as the sole judge in the case, has to be the one who decides if he’ll recuse himself or if he thinks there was a mistrial, said Habba.

“It’s the same judge that issued the gag order that has to make those determinations, so at this point, I don’t have any reason to believe he shouldn’t after what we have learned if it’s true,” said Habba. “I will tell you that it’s concerning when he is the arbiter and the decision-maker of some of these issues.”

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