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Trump Drops Jack Smith ‘Horrible Disease’ Bombshell

by Jessica

In a recent post on the Truth Social platform dated 11:42 AM EST on November 12, 2023, Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on several individuals whom he perceives as adversaries.

The former President, known for his distinctive communication style, directed his ire towards Jack Smith, Andrew Weissmann, Lisa Monaco, and what he labeled as the “team of losers and misfits” affiliated with CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

Trump characterized this group as “Radical Left Zealots and Thugs” who, in his view, have been engaged in illegal activities for years with the explicit aim of undermining him.

In Trump’s narrative, he foretells a dire fate for these individuals, asserting that they will ultimately find themselves confined to a mental institution due to what he terms a “horrible disease” — Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

This phrase has been a recurring theme in Trump’s rhetoric, often used to describe what he perceives as an irrational and obsessive opposition to him.

The suggestion that his adversaries will end up in a mental institution appears to be a rhetorical flourish, amplifying the intensity of his disdain for those he believes are conspiring against him.

Deranged Jack Smith, Andrew Weissmann, Lisa Monaco, the “team of losers and misfits” from CREW, and all the rest of the Radical Left Zealots and Thugs who have been working illegally for years to “take me down,” will end up, because of their suffering from a horrible disease, TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS!), in a Mental Institution by the time my next term as President is successfully completed. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Donald Trump Truth Social Post 11:42 AM EST 11/12/23
The post, laden with Trump’s signature rallying cry, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” underscores his ongoing commitment to a populist message and his aspiration for a return to presidential leadership. This social media communication reflects Trump’s continued use of digital platforms to shape and disseminate his political narrative, engaging with his base through the lens of perceived enemies and the promise of a triumphant return to the presidency.

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