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Trump Drops ‘Red Marks On Hands’ Bombshell

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump was photographed with mysterious red markings on his right hand and a wild online speculation last month included sexually transmitted disease as the potential cause.

Trump recently opened up on Wednesday after suggesting that the spots could be the result of artificial intelligence.

DailyMail reported that they captured the former president leaving Trump Tower with the marks on his hands two weeks ago. At an event in Washington on Wednesday Trump was asked if he had seen the photographs, and said he had not.

He was then asked what had been wrong with his hand and raised his right one before a reporter clarified that they were referring to his left.

Asked what had happened to the hand the former president said: ‘Nothing. Maybe it was AI.’

When the red marks appeared Trump was on his way to court to watch E. Jean Carroll testify in a defamation case in New York.

There was an incident in which Donald Trump was accused of causing red marks to appear on a painting. This resulted in a judgment against him for $83 million. His representatives later claimed that the marks were a result of paper cuts and that he had smeared blood across his hand.

The incident led to a lot of speculation on social media, with some people suggesting that the marks were red ink from top secret documents, while others believed that it was ketchup due to Trump’s love for fast food.

Hours after the pictures were taken Trump reappeared showing no signs of the mysterious red marks, and there were further no signs of an injury.

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