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Trump Urges DOJ to Drop Case Amid Biden’s Classified Documents Controversy

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump has urged the Department of Justice to drop the federal classified documents case against him in light of a report revealing evidence against President Joe Biden. The report by Special Counsel Robert Hur found that Biden “willfully retained” and disclosed sensitive materials but recommended against pressing charges, citing Biden’s cooperation and potential sympathetic image in a trial.

Trump called for unity, asking for the case’s dismissal as he faces 40 charges related to the alleged illegal retention of classified materials and obstruction. The investigation was initiated after papers from the Obama era were found at Biden’s private residence and office.

Hur’s 388-page report highlighted Biden’s cooperation but noted challenges in securing a conviction due to his potential presentation as a sympathetic elderly man with a poor memory. Biden’s inability to recall details such as his vice presidency tenure and his son Beau’s death was mentioned in the report.

Trump, addressing Special Counsel Jack Smith, emphasized dropping litigation against him for the sake of the country’s healing. He highlighted the apparent contradiction between the evidence against Biden in Hur’s report and the decision not to press charges, suggesting it as an opportunity for unity and understanding among patriots. Read the full story here ▶

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