GOP Senator’s Reaction on Learning What Trump Does With $111,000 Daily

by Jessica

The Republican National Committee (RNC) faces a financial storm as former President Donald Trump grapples with mounting legal bills.

A Washington Post report on Sunday, February 25, painted a stark picture, revealing the RNC trailing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in fundraising by a staggering three-to-one margin.

As the DNC revels in a cash reserve of $25 million, the RNC is finding itself constrained with a mere $8.7 million.

The disparity deepens when comparing President Joe Biden’s campaign, which boasts over $56 million in cash, to Trump’s meager $31 million at the close of January 2024.

The numbers tell a tale of fundraising woes, with Biden securing 172,000 unique donors compared to Trump’s 143,000 by the end of 2023.

Consequently, GOP stalwarts have begun raising concerns, wondering whether this financial gap can be bridged yet Trump faces impending legal battles and will need to pay defense fees in four looming criminal trials this year.

Senator Lindsey Graham has voiced concern, emphasizing the urgency for Trump to mobilize funds, warning that what his camp is raising is nothing compared to what Biden is.

Graham says that if this does not happen, then the money already collected by Trump’s side will be depleted in legal fees rather than being spent on campaigning.

“[Trump] needs to raise money. Look what Democrats are raising. I told him, they are going to empty the coffers here,” Sen. Graham said.

“It’s one of the things that concerns me.”

Trump’s financial quagmire was multifaceted.

Beyond the burden of defending against 91 felony charges, he is grappling with crushing civil judgments.

The $83.3 million defamation judgment from writer E. Jean Carroll and the eye-watering $454 million for a civil fraud case add to the financial strain.

Trump’s daily accrual of $111,000 in interest in the New York fraud ruling only intensifies the pressure, even as he contests the verdict.

The Post’s estimation reveals a staggering 23% of funds raised by Trump’s political action committees in 2023 was channeled towards his legal defense.

In contrast, Biden and the DNC are directing resources towards advertising and organising efforts in crucial battleground states and high-profile Senate races.

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