Trump Digs Into History to Uncover Letitia James’s Past, Political Moves, Brands Her New Funny Name

by Jessica
Letitia James

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, September 27, launched a scathing critique of New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump’s statement via Truth Social delved into what he characterized as James’s controversial history, citing instances from her political career that he believes reflect negatively on her motivations and actions.

The statement begins by recalling a high-profile incident involving James and former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

Trump asserts that James pursued Cuomo only to later announce her own gubernatorial bid.

According to Trump, James’s gubernatorial campaign met an unfavorable outcome, receiving minimal support from voters, leading to her withdrawal from the race.

Returning to her role as Attorney General, Trump alleges that James openly expressed her intent to target him, invoking the phrase “GET TRUMP.”

He contends that this stance was contrary to her original plan, which Trump characterizes as an attempt to leverage what he terms the “Trump Witch Hunt” for her own political advancement.

Trump also directs criticism towards a judge whom he accuses of bias against him, referring to the judge as a “Trump Hating Judge.”

According to Trump, this judge accepted James’s arguments about the valuation of Trump’s assets, resulting in what he views as an inaccurate assessment.

In particular, Trump disputes the valuation of his renowned property, Mar-a-Lago, asserting that it was undervalued at a mere 18 million dollars, a fraction of its perceived worth.

The former President contends that such rulings are emblematic of what he labels a “New York Political Scam.”

Trump suggests that James’s pursuits and the court’s decisions are politically motivated, driven by partisan interests rather than impartial legal judgment.

While Trump’s statement is undeniably pointed, it is crucial to note that it reflects his perspective and is delivered with his distinctive style.

The claims and characterizations made in the statement have been the subject of intense debate and are contested by various parties. It is within this charged context that Trump’s words should be understood.

As with any public figure, Letitia James’s career and actions have been the subject of scrutiny and interpretation from various quarters.

Trump has also baptized her with a new funny name, Peekaboo.

Trump’s statement offers a stark portrayal of James, framing her in a light that aligns with his own narrative.

In the realm of American politics, the clash of perspectives is a defining feature.

Trump’s statement serves as another chapter in the ongoing saga of political contention, providing a vivid example of how public figures and their actions are dissected and critiqued in the public discourse.

In the wake of this statement, it is likely that debates over Letitia James’s record and intentions will intensify, further underscoring the deeply polarized nature of American politics.

The impact of Trump’s words, as with any significant political statement, will reverberate through the political landscape, influencing public opinion and shaping the narratives that surround key political figures.

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