Trump Criticizes Fox News for Bias in GOP Primary Coverage, Singles Out Nikki Haley in Online Rebuke

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump recently expressed dissatisfaction with Fox News, accusing the network of presenting a ‘one-sided’ perspective in its coverage of him. Using his Truth Social media platform, Trump criticized Fox News for displaying bias toward his Republican primary opponents, particularly Nikki Haley, his current rival. Despite Haley’s role as Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations, the ex-President alleged that Fox News was disproportionately featuring her in its coverage.

In a pointed remark on Truth Social, Trump referred to the Republican primary coverage as the “BIRDBRAIN SHOW,” a term seen as directed at Haley. The criticism comes as Ron DeSantis, Trump’s competitor, withdrew from the race and endorsed the former President. Trump argued that Fox News’s bias is causing a loss of interest among the Republican base.

Trump’s grievances with Fox News have escalated since the 2020 presidential election, marked by baseless claims of ‘victory.’ Despite a hiatus in live appearances on the network until earlier this month, Trump contradicted this stance by participating in three Fox News programs in one day, including The Story, Special Report, and Hannity.

Despite occasional conflicts labeled as a ‘hostile network’ in an interview, Trump continues to engage with Fox News. The network underwent a leadership change in September, with Lachlan Murdoch succeeding his father, Rupert Murdoch, as part of the aftermath of a legal claim filed by Dominion. The claim accused Fox of spreading falsehoods about voting machines, and though Fox maintained presenting factual information, the network settled the substantial case.

While unsubstantiated claims of election fraud persist, there is no credible evidence supporting Trump’s allegations of unjust cheating in the 2020 election, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden. Despite occasional tensions, the conservative media network’s audience generally holds a favorable view of Trump.

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