Trump Complains About Migrants With Cell Phones: ‘Our Veterans Don’t Have Cell Phones, Do They?’

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump went on a rant about migrants coming into the United States with cell phones on Monday, before declaring, “Our veterans don’t have cell phones, do they?”

During a campaign rally in Summerville, South Carolina, Trump claimed:

Biden puts China first, Mexico first, Ukraine first, Europe first, Asia first, illegal aliens first above our great veterans, you know that. Puts the illegal aliens above our veterans. Our veterans live like hell, and you know, you see what’s happening. You ever see the illegal aliens? One of the weirdest things. They come in by the tens of thousands, sometimes a day, and they all have cell phones.

Where do they get the cell phones? Everybody has a cell phone. They’re all talking on these beautiful cell phones, and they’re expensive ones too, they’re nice ones. Somebody who was into that said, ‘Those are good phones.’ And then I say, who pays their bills? Who’s paying their bills, Marjorie? Do you wanna check that? I’ll give it to Marjorie, she’ll figure that one out fast.

The former president continued, “No, but you ever notice? They’re all coming in with cell phones. Our veterans don’t have cell phones, do they? But they put illegal aliens first and everyone first.”

Trump concluded by saying that President Joe Biden “puts America last, he puts our military last, he puts our veterans last, he puts workers last, he puts small businesses last. He puts everything that’s good and proper last. He puts it last. It’s crazy.”

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