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Trump Claims He Has New Evidence That Shows That the 2020 Election was Rigged

by Jessica

Former Republican President Donald Trump, a prominent figure in American politics, made a bold claim during a campaign event in New Hampshire.

He asserted that he possesses new evidence supporting his belief that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen. Promising to reveal this evidence the following week, Trump stirred controversy and captured the attention of the public.

As reported by the Raw Story on Monday, October 23, 2023, the event took place in New Hampshire on a Monday, and Trump’s statement was in response to a question about potential implications for attorney-client privilege with Sidney Powell, a co-defendant in various election-related legal battles.

In an intriguing twist, Trump distanced himself from Powell, asserting that she was never his lawyer.

When asked if he was concerned about losing attorney-client privilege due to this revelation, the former president dismissed the idea, firmly stating, “No, not at all. We did nothing wrong. This is all about Biden. Indictments and impeachments. This is all about Biden. He can’t do anything right.”

Trump appeared steadfast in his belief that the events surrounding the 2020 election were orchestrated against him. He reiterated, “But when you look at the kind of thing, think of it because I protested an election.

And I’m, by the way, 100% right about that.” This sentiment underscored his unwavering conviction regarding the alleged irregularities in the electoral process.

However, the most compelling moment of his speech came when he teased forthcoming revelations. Trump announced, “In fact, we’re going to be releasing some numbers next week that will make your head spin.

But think of that. You get indicted because you protested an election.” This revelation left many intrigued and eagerly awaiting the promised evidence that he believed would vindicate his claims.


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