Joe Scarborough Shocked Trump Claim Biden Used Cocaine Was Entirely Ignored By Press — Because Trump Lies So Often

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump recently issued his latest statement about abortion and a day after, MSNBC’s Morning Joe fact-checked the lies and misinformation via Mediaite.

It is noted that the co-host Joe Scarborough was surprised at how the press just glosses over Trump’s lies, citing an especially egregious one regarding President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

It is noted that after exposing the various lies in Trump’s abortion statement on Tuesday, Scarborough turned his ire to the press, claiming that they’re so concerned with treating Trump like a “normal candidate” that his lies go unchecked:

But Donald Trump lies, lies. You know, I saw something, I think it was Dan Pfeiffer, [he] was talking about the fact that Donald Trump last week said that Joe Biden snorted cocaine before the State of the Union address.

Now, that would have been on the front page of The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and every other newspaper in America if he had, if anybody else, any other candidate running for president said something so crazy.

Everybody just blew past it. And he’s allowed to give these abortion statements where he’s just lying through his teeth constantly. And people just will try to make him sound like a normal candidate.

“Oh, well, Trump, Trump came out saying that he’s a big champion of federalism and he wants to keep it at the state level. And he’s for–” No, you gotta talk about this, the crazy lies! Which is what the guy is doing every day and what he did in this speech.

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