Trump campaign allegedly took ‘excessive’ contributions by the nickel and dime

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is once again under scrutiny as the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has flagged suspected illegal contributions, adding another layer to the ongoing legal challenges faced by the former president.

As reported by Raw Story on Tuesday, May 14, the FEC’s recent action comes in the form of a 243-page letter detailing numerous instances where Trump’s campaign allegedly accepted donations exceeding federal contribution limits.

According to federal regulations, the limit for contributions from an individual to a candidate per election is $3,300.

However, the FEC’s letter points out that Trump’s campaign accepted multiple donations in minuscule amounts from supporters, resulting in contributions well above the legal limit.

One notable example mentioned in the FEC’s letter is Gail D. Lopez, a retiree from Lacombe, La., who made a staggering 1,450 separate contributions to Trump’s campaign within a span of less than 17 months.

These contributions included 116 donations for one penny, 228 contributions for less than a nickel, and 1,000 donations for less than a dollar.

Despite some refunds listed by the Trump campaign, Lopez’s total giving exceeded $4,000, significantly surpassing the legal limit.

Another donor, Karen Anjoorian from Suffolk, Va., made 12 contributions for nine cents each, along with several other donations for odd amounts like 18 cents, 23 cents, and 32 cents. Anjoorian’s total contributions amounted to $3,523.49, exceeding the federal limit as well.

The FEC’s investigation reveals that more than 100 individuals have made contributions to Donald J. Trump For President 2024, Inc. that violated election law.

This latest development adds to the ongoing legal challenges faced by Trump, who is already embroiled in multiple criminal and civil cases.

Despite frequent claims about his wealth, Trump’s campaign is not self-funding his 2024 presidential bid in any substantial manner.

The FEC has given Trump’s campaign until June 17 to respond to the inquiry, highlighting the seriousness of the allegations and the potential consequences for campaign finance-related violations.

While campaign finance issues are not uncommon in large-scale federal campaigns, the repeated scrutiny of Trump’s campaign raises questions about adherence to legal regulations and transparency in fundraising practices.

As the investigation unfolds, all eyes remain on Trump and his campaign, awaiting their response and the outcome of the FEC’s inquiry into these alleged illegal contributions.

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