Trump’s Stunning Statements Of Executing Biden Backfires Badly, Republican Aides Fire Him Back

by Jessica

During a speech at an NRA convention in Texas, former President Donald Trump made controversial remarks about President Joe Biden that sparked significant backlash.

Trump claimed Biden had taken money from Russia, China, and Ukraine, and suggested that if a Republican had done the same, they would face execution.

According to reports by HuffPost on Sunday, May 19, 2024, his comments have been widely criticized, including by co-hosts of MSNBC’s The Weekend and former Trump White House aide Sarah Matthews.

Alicia Menendez, one of the co-hosts of The Weekend, began the segment by stressing the gravity of Trump’s comments. She reminded viewers of the severity of a political candidate alluding to the execution of a sitting president, especially in front of the NRA, a major gun rights organization.

“Definitely not normal,” Menendez emphasized, highlighting the unprecedented and dangerous nature of Trump’s rhetoric. Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee and co-host of the show, provided a broader context for Trump’s comments.

He pointed out Trump’s history of making false claims and projecting accusations onto his opponents. Steele questioned the intention behind Trump’s words, considering his audience.

The NRA crowd is a core part of Trump’s base, known for their strong opinions about both the Biden administration and Trump himself.

Steele pondered whether Trump’s statement was a calculated move to incite and entertain his supporters or merely another instance of his tendency to speak recklessly.

Sarah Matthews, who previously served as a White House aide under Trump, offered a nuanced perspective on the former president’s motivations.

Matthews suggested that Trump was aware of his audience’s composition and tailored his incendiary remarks to elicit a strong reaction.

She noted that while Trump might have considered his comments about the electric chair a joke, it was highly inappropriate, particularly concerning a sitting president.

Matthews expressed concern about Trump’s increasingly erratic rhetoric and its potential to incite political violence. She noted the pattern of behavior of Trump, where provocative statements are used to entertain and energize his base without regard for the potential consequences.

“It is concerning when we are looking at it,” Matthews remarked, pointing out the normalization of such dangerous rhetoric in American politics.


The exchange on The Weekend underscored a significant issue the normalization of extreme rhetoric in political discourse. Matthews lamented that many Americans have become desensitized to Trump’s inflammatory comments.

This desensitization poses a threat to democratic norms and the safety of political figures. The criticism from MSNBC’s co-hosts and Matthews reflects broader concerns about the impact of Trump’s rhetoric.

As the 2024 presidential campaign unfolds, the former president’s comments continue to shape the political landscape. His willingness to engage in provocative and dangerous rhetoric raises questions about the future of political discourse in the United States.

Trump’s comments at the NRA convention have sparked a necessary debate about the boundaries of political speech. While his supporters may view his remarks as harmless or humorous, critics argue that they pose a serious threat to political stability and civility.

The backlash from media figures like Alicia Menendez, Michael Steele, and Sarah Matthews highlights the need for a reevaluation of what is acceptable in political discourse.

As the nation moves closer to the 2024 election, the implications of such rhetoric will undoubtedly remain a central topic of discussion.


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