Donald Trump Buys Ice Cream In LA Video

by Jessica

It has come to light that the people in the crowd and members of Trump’s team uploaded videos of the former president’s pit stop at the ice cream store to social media.

The crowd of his supporters loudly cheered as Trump exited his motorcade, video showed. The former president also signed several autographs. Many people in the crowd were seen holding “Trump 2024” signs.

The crowd could also be heard chanting, “We love Trump!” “Trump pops in for ice cream in LA and people are going crazy,” Richard Grenell posted online.

Trump also bought his supporters ice cream cones. “Who wants a Carvel?” Trump asked the crowd inside the ice cream shop.

“Donald Trump bought me ice cream. Biden gave me $6 gas. The choice is clear,” one attendee posted online along with a photo of the ice cream cone Trump purchased for him.

Trump also took questions about California, the general election, and the potential government shutdown while at the ice cream parlor. “What’s your message to California?” one reporter asked Trump.

“It’s in a lot of trouble, California, you’re doing very badly and we’ll turn it all around. The whole country’s gonna be turned around,” Trump responded. “Thank you very much, everybody, for being here.”

On the potential government shutdown, Trump called on Republicans to “get tough.”

“Well you have to take care of the border, we want to take care of the border, we want to have a closed border. We don’t want people coming in from mental institutions, from prisons,” Trump said.

“And I can see exactly what’s happening. The Democrats don’t want to do it, they want to run our country and they’re gonna have to make certain concessions.”

“When you have all of the damage done to the military, with the woke military. You look at Afghanistan. This is the most horrible period of time, I think, in the country’s history in terms of embarrassment,” Trump added.

“The Republicans are going to have to get tough when you look at what they’ve done to weaponize elections. What a disgrace that is.”

Trump also said he would “love” the opportunity to run against California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) but insisted that President Joe Biden is “trying to limp along” through the general election.

“What could be better than Biden? But I’d love Newsom if that works out. I don’t think it’s going to. I think Biden’s trying to limp along and try and get there, but it could be Newsom, it could be one of three or four other people,” Trump said.

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