“I Can’t Believe this is the Republican Nominee. We failed” Trump Brutally Mocked Over Pants Comment

by Jessica


Former President Donald Trump’s recent remarks during a campaign rally in the South Bronx have sparked mockery and disbelief among many observers as reported by Newsweek on Friday, May 24, 2024. Speaking to a crowd of thousands of supporters, Trump veered off-script to discuss the seemingly mundane task of putting on pants in the morning.

Addressing his audience, Trump recounted encounters with people who supposedly ask him how he manages to perform this basic daily activity.

“A lot of people say to me today—the toughest business people, people that you know about—’ Could I ask you a question? How do you do it?’ I say, ‘Do what?’ ‘How do you get up in the morning and put your pants on? Why do you put the pants on?’,” Trump said, eliciting puzzled reactions from his audience.

Another user wrote: “I can’t believe this is the Republican nominee. We failed.” While Trump’s campaign rally aimed to drum up support in the traditionally Democrat-voting borough of the South Bronx, his remarks about pants garnered more attention than his political message.

Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for Trump, claimed that 25,000 people attended the rally in Crotona Park, although this figure could not be independently verified. Critics quickly seized on Trump’s comments, questioning the relevance and sincerity of his anecdote.

Art Candee took to social media to express incredulity, asking, “Does anyone … anyone at all … think that people ask Trump how he puts his pants on?” Similarly, Democrat content creator Harry Sisson derided Trump’s remarks as “utter nonsense” and suggested that the former president may need some rest.

This is not the first time Trump has made such a claim. In a previous rally in Iowa, he shared a similar anecdote, jokingly admitting that he preferred not to dwell on the mechanics of putting on pants too much, lest he lose the motivation to do so. In addition to his comments about pants.

Trump also expressed willingness to work with New York’s Democratic leaders if elected as president again. Despite officially transferring his residency to Florida in 2019, Trump asserted his commitment to his home state, pledging to collaborate with Democratic officials to improve conditions in New York City and the broader state.

“As soon as I get back into the Oval Office, I am going to pick up the phone and I’m going to call your mayor and your governor,” Trump declared, emphasizing his desire to elevate New York to unprecedented levels of success.

While Trump’s rally speech may have been intended to rally his base and appeal to potential supporters in the South Bronx, it ultimately became fodder for ridicule and skepticism. As the presidential campaign heats up, Trump’s unconventional style and off-the-cuff remarks continue to draw both attention and criticism from all sides of the political spectrum.

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